Rhythmatic hero
  • Title Rhythmatic
  • Genre Rhythm/Action
  • Release date Out Now
  • Platforms Springboard / Synthesis

A new star has appeared in the world of beat based gaming...Welcome to the stage Rhythmatic

Set in an ethereal, evolving world for up to 6 players. Rhythmatic takes the concept of slicing along to the music into the stratosphere.

Think of a world which pulses and builds as you get into your groove. Imagine seeing your friends in their own lanes battling to beat you in real time. Add power ups, power downs and weapons to use against your foes...then load the whole thing up with a constantly updated library of cutting edge music, made by the world's best producers and artists, all split up into genres so players can find their perfect sound every time they jump in.

Built by the enigmatic Rythmatic crew, they have enlisted one of Europe's biggest music venues 'Studio 338' to keep the party jumping at all times by scouting the world for great music and adding it to the catalogue.

Expect future content to include custom made environments from some of the worlds biggest DJs and Dance Music labels and lots of Rock, Hip Hop and more to appear in the menu over the coming months

Rythmatic is made for arcades and will come with all of the features an operator could want and will be exclusive to the LBE market for 12 months

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