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Posted 24 November, 2021

This Autumn, we teamed up with VRsenal, manufacturer of the world’s top-selling full-body, unattended VR arcade platform to release Rhythmatic as a two-player, unattended VR music rhythm game for FEC operators.

In Rhythmatic, players don a fully automated VR headset and proceed to slash their way through a rhythmic barrage of colored orbs while keeping time to the beat of an impressive variety of fresh, thumping music. Based on VRsenal's extensive feedback and broad experience from deploying almost 500 VR cabinets into FECs around the world, we packed Rhythmatic full of features specifically tailored for the arcade environment.

As a long-time fan of the rhythm game genre, it has been a dream of mine to bring a cutting edge, multiplayer, music-based experience to virtual reality,” said Sam Perrin, director here at Blackwall Labs. That we’ve been able to partner with a market leader like VRsenal to bring Rhythmatic to the FEC space as a fully unattended, multiplayer attraction is the icing on the cake.

Multiplayer mode is a groundbreaking new feature, one that players and operators alike have been clamoring for. As the website VRFocus put it in their review, Rhythmatic is all about bringing friends together and testing their skills to see who’s the best – a surefire way to enhance the replay factor which arcades need.”

Blackwall and VRsenal are also committed to bringing a steady supply of diverse new music to operators and players. “As the founder and creator of the UK’s largest nightclub, our connections give us a rich source of new music for the game going forward,” added Daniel Perrin, co-founder here at Blackwall Labs and Studio 338, one of the 50 largest clubs in the world.Rhythmatic features a wide variety of musical genres, from EDM to Pop to Metal. Everyone can find tracks they’ll love to play.”

Rhythmatic will be a launch title for VRsenal’s new V2 multiplayer VR arcade platform.

Up to four cabinets can be linked together for 8 players, creating the world’s largest unattended virtual reality game attraction. “Operators now have an option to create a high-throughput, affordable attraction with full-body AAA VR content, and never have to worry about staffing the game. This is a very hard thing to pull off in VR,” said Ben Davenport, VRsenal CEO.

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